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Freight Forwarding NVOCC Non-Vessel-Operating-Common-Carrier

TriLog ensures that internationally traded goods move from point of origin to point of destination to arrive:

  • at the right place
  • at the right time
  • in good order and condition
  • at the most economic cost

The key to TriLog success has been its ability to listen to what the customer has to say and tailor a package to suit the individual requirements.



At all times, TriLog will endeavor to offer quality services at cost effective prices, and because we only utilise premier services to the appropriate destination, customers are re-assured they are not being offered a service which suits the transport company rather than their own requirements.

Alternatively, TriLog are able to manage customers nominated transport providers and monitor their performance to ensure they are performing to an agreed service criteria.



All contracts will be performed

in accordance with the General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders (NSAB 2000), with the exclusion

of §27.3

To the extent that the forwarders liability is not subject to any compulsory legislation, the forwarder shall always be entitled to invoke the limitations of liability laid down in §5 and §§ 15-22 NSAB 2000.

This provision shall take precedence over any contrary

or conflicting provision

in NSAB 2000.

NSAB 2000 in english


NSAB 2000 in swedish